JEEP Celebrity Customs


Three celebrity Wrangler customizations, but only one winner. Join host Jalen Rose as he follows our celebrity competitors and their renowned customizers on a six-episode challenge to create the ultimate custom Wrangler.


Each of our high-profile celebrity competitors bring their own interpretation of freedom and adventure to this first-ever customization challenge. Showcasing their unique style and skills, they will compete to build the ultimate Jeep® Wrangler.


Our celebrities have each paired up with a renowned customizer to help them take their Jeep® Wrangler to the next level. From high-tech advancements to cutting-edge style and design, these customizers each bring their own unique skills and creativity to the challenge–but only one will lead his celebrity to victory.

Ryan Friedlinghaus 
Ryan founded the game-changing vehicle modification shop—West Coast Customs—in 1993. Its out-of-this-world concepts and craftsmanship earned it pop culture status and has led to global success with shops all over the world. 
David Tonapetyan  
Founding DCD Customs, a customization shop dedicated to Jeep®Brand vehicles in Los Angeles, David specializes in Jeep Wrangler customizations and is best known for transforming them into “modern off-road monsters”. 
Stefano Loria 
Stefano founded AutoCraft NYC at just 17 in the Bronx before moving its headquarters to Manhattan. He has won countless awards and garnered fast-growing appeal for his exceptional skills in audiovisual components and security systems.